Renting vs Buying

About the author:

Brenda Ryan - Designated Broker

What you'll learn in this eBook:

  • The pros and cons of renting... in today's rental market, what is the price difference? In Phoenix and surrounding areas, the rental prices have gone up... the average monthly payment is cheaper to BUY!!!

  • The pros and cons of buying... in today's real estate market and low interest rates, it costs less on a monthly payment to BUY!!!

  • How to consider your income when buying a home... low interest rates gives you more buying power!! Get more home for your $$$.

  • How to calculate your debt to income ratio-what price range can I get approved for NOW!!! It's easy and only takes 10 minutes!!

  • The factors to consider when buying a home-maintenance & repairs, location, etc. am I planning to be in the Phoenix area for 2 years or more???

  • What factors mortgage lenders pay close attention to... you may qualify to buy NOW!!! Down payment assistance programs are available now in Maricopa county!!!